More Weight Loss Success Stories

Megan R

I feel confident in my ability to make conscious food choices and know that it is totally within my control to continue this journey and relationship with food. I want to thank you so much for your guidance and love through this process. This is the best money I have ever spent on myself and it truly was a lifetime investment. The tools you offered me and your unwavering support have given me more than I could’ve ever dreamt. I am preparing to go to grad school to be a nurse anesthetist (as you know) and I see such a change in myself. I don’t think I would’ve gotten into grad school, nor even taken the leap to apply if it weren’t for how your program changed my life. It sounds super generic to say “it changed my life”…. but it did! I am a happier, more content version of myself.


My time with Shelby completely changed my life – not only my relationship with food. When I found her online I was already on my way to healing my relationship with food. After about 25 years of bulimic behaviors I was in recovery. But I was still very “crazy” about food. It was always on my mind. had gained about 50 pounds and was afraid any type of restricting would make bring back my eating disorder. So I felt very stuck, and in retrospect I can see my world was very small. Being obsessed with food and weight took up the majority of my thoughts.

So I signed up to work with Shelby and I began to make some shifts in my thinking that led me to where I am today – diet freedom – but so much more than that. Today I make food choices that make me feel good. Nothing is off limits but I am empowered to make good choices for my body. Throughout my work with Shelby I also made the choice to quit drinking alcohol – and this was definitely not something I believed was possible before. Now I see it as a healthy choice that I welcomed into my life and not as something I’m sacrificing for weight loss or any other reason.

In the end I did lose weight. I gave away my scale, but I’m measuring progress by how my favorite clothes fit. But there is far more that happened than weight loss. I gained confidence. I lost my chronic heartburn and stomach issues. I was able to leave an unhealthy romantic relationship. My time management is so much better – and I have routines that I created that are important to me and that I choose to follow through with.

Working with Shelby changed my life and opened up my world so much. I recommend working with her and I am so grateful I came across her website that day last January.


Since she was just 3 years old, Hayley battled food and body struggles. Despite years of working with therapists and trying all kinds of diets, her first call with Shelby was her FIRST conversation she actually had about her unhealthy relationship with food and body. Shelby worked closely with Hayley for 16 weeks and now Hayley is able to let go of her lifelong struggle with food, allowing her to start truly living her life to the fullest, release unwanted weight, and proactively and positively attend to other personal health matters without her (past) toxic relationship with food getting in the way.

I just want to truly thank you for your support with everything. Prior to working with your coaching, I had been ignoring my health. It was easier to ignore taking care of my body and mind and focus on work then others. Today, I can truly say I put me first then everyone/thing else. I can look at food as nutrition versus comfort or the enemy. I have incorporated new foods, recipes, and lifestyles that I ENJOY! It’s no longer a stressful experience to manage my relationship food. You have made a BATTLE/WAR with food and my body end after 20 years! Thank you for everything you have done for me! You have truly changed my life and future! 

Michael B

I have been struggling with a unhealthy relationship with food /body image for the better part of almost 20 years. It doesn’t help that as a military member that I have fitness standards to maintain annually. I found Shelby after searching for a diet consultant and her website jumped out at me because it noted that it deals with individuals with a history of eating issues. A year ago, I was diagnosed by a therapist that I am bulimic. Even though the therapist helped to identify the clinical definition of the problem, I still was in search for the root of my issue.

I changed duty stations and still could not find anyone to help until Shelby came into my life. I was very depressed and felt hopeless until we started talking. While I was a little skeptical at first, what drew me to her was her love for helping others and the fact that she has experienced a unhealthy relationship with food as well. Once I stated her program and watched her videos, almost every block or message spoke to my own personal struggles. Today I have a new sense of self. For years my focus was on what the scale said every morning and now I know that I am a whole person without looking at digital number’s multiple times per day.

While I still have to maintain standards, I am more comfortable in my own skin. Her program has really helped me to understand that food or my weight should never control me. Shelby is a really good person and I would recommend her to absolutely anyone. I believe that she genuinely cares about her clients and she works with you individually to help you become better and whole.

I know if you are coming to Shelby, we have more in common than the average person. If you are struggling with food and your own self-worth through food, she can definitely help you.

Lori A

I am so much calmer personality wise because I no longer have the stress of food and dieting and I am no longer even worried about my weight! Thank you!

Lisa S

If I could give everyone a gift this year, it would be a few months to work with Shelby McDaniel. She is truly inspiring and helped me completely redefine my relationship with food and my body image. The help she provides is worth every penny!