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healthy relationship with food

What Is A Healthy Relationship With Food?

We live in a diet-focused weight focused society. Sad, but true. In fact, 50% of Americans struggle finding a healthy relationship with food, yet we …

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Can You Get Addicted to Sugar?

Do you feel addicted to sugar? Believe you are addicted to sugar? Always craving something sweet?  I hear it ALL the time from my clients: …

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how to stop binge eating at night standing in front of fridge

How To Stop Binge Eating at Night

Why Do I Binge Eat at Night? Let’s get clarity on if you are overeating or if you are truly binge eating at night as …

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Eating After Fitness Competitions: 7 Tips to Healing Your Relationship with Food

This blog is directed for those of you who have competed in fitness & bodybuilding competitions. It doesn’t matter whether it was one show or …

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Reasons to Not Use the Word Cheat Meal-Min.Jpg

Reasons to Not Use the Word Cheat Meal

Cheat Meals We’ve All Done It… It’s Saturday! The time has come to have a cheat meal. You’ve been thinking about it all week, or …

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