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Quirky Superfoods, Goat Yoga, and Body Language For Weight Loss

Welcome to the 4 Minute Friday series where I provide you short yet helpful tips to help you improve your emotional and physical health! This …

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how to improve your relationship with food

How To Improve Your Relationship With Food: 4 Mistakes To AVOID

Welcome to today’s blog post, where we’ll dive deep into the topic of improving your relationship with food. Our journey towards a healthier connection with …

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how social media affects body image

How Social Media Affects Body Image

Social media has become an integral part of our lives, and it has significantly influenced the way we perceive ourselves and others. Unfortunately, it has …

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disordered eating

What’s Disordered Eating Anyway?

My friends, I want to talk to you today about a topic that affects millions of people around the world: disordered eating. Obviously this is …

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binge recovery

How To Recover From A Binge Episode

Ugh, the moment you’ve been fearing just happened…you binged. The guilt and shame come flooding in. Your body is screaming at you. How could you …

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diet freedom goals

Top Diet Freedom Goals Of My Most Recent Clients

Often in this world of deep struggles with food, people feel very alone. They feel they are the only ones that have “crazy” thoughts or …

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