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Shelby McDaniel

Shelby McDaniel

Read More I’m Shelby McDaniel, managing a supplement store and coaching bodybuilders on the side. I cry on the weekends because I’m sad and depressed. I’m tired of food and exercise being an issue in my life. I know all the right rules for nutrition and fitness, but somehow I don’t know how to find my way to a healthy relationship with both. I’m miserable. Yes, show me the free training.

Shelby McDaniel

Shelby McDaniel

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Founder, Shelby mcdaniel

I too struggled with food and body image for more than a decade...

Years of restrictive eating, occasional purging, and toxic obsession with my weight and body image growing up, eventually led me to a sport called bodybuilding, a.k.a. diet ALL THE TIME, get half naked on stage, and literally be judged on the flaws of your body. Somehow in my mind I thought, “That’s a great idea!”. 

Nope. It was a solitary confinement inside a food and exercise prison.

For years what people couldn't see behind my physical body was constant anxiety and thoughts about food and weight…

Between the counting, the planning, the doubt, guilt, over-analyzing, the fear of failure, fear of judgment (literally).

I constantly evaluated my body in the mirror, and was terrified of gaining weight.

Food controlled my life.

But every time I tried to NOT worry and eat “normal”, without a meal plan or strict food rules, I was out of control and eating pizza and ice cream.

It was embarrassing… I’m a disciplined person, I know about nutrition, why can’t I figure out something as simple as eating?!

Shelby McDaniel
Health Coach Bodybuilder | Shelby McDaniel

I would gain 25+lbs only to have to diet all that weight off again,each time feeling harder to lose it.

I wanted to STOP the dieting madness...

but I believed if I didn’t have someone telling me what I should eat, I was going to eat EVERYTHING and blow up like a balloon (after all, I had proof!).

I tried therapy but was unsuccessful, so I kept dieting because dieting was all I knew. 

I missed out on a lot of my life because of my struggles with food.

But then came a change…

In 2010, I launched my online nutrition coaching company...

With it came a new wave of clients, many with deep struggles with their relationship with food. I would give them meal plans, teach them about nutrition, hold them accountable (as I was taught to do) but I was discovering, DIETS DON’T WORK!  

Our nutrition conversations began to feel like life coaching…

I was sensing what we eat is only half of the story of good nutrition, and that life, emotions, and our personal world influence why and how we do food too.

For the sake of helping my clients and helping myself, I had to figure out a solution to these disordered eating struggles.

Over the next few years, I went “all in” learning about eating psychology, cognitive behavioral science, intuitive eating, neural plasticity, mindful eating, and more… 

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Giving me everything i need to create a proven framework

to ditch diets and achieve true Diet Freedom!

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my diet freedom model™ has

Changed my life,

And the lives of so many successful professionals I've been blessed to work with around the world,

You too can break free of what you feel hopeless to resolve, no matter how long you’ve struggled. I’m here to help you do just that! Together let’s get to the root issues of your biggest eating challenges once and for all, revolutionize your relationship with food, give you the owner’s manual to living in harmony with your own body, and get you back to being LIFE focused.

Today I haven’t even considered going on a diet since achieving my own personal diet freedom, and yet I’m able to maintain a healthy weight, enjoy healthy eating effortlessly, and re-invest my energy into helping others just like you achieve the same. I go and exercise MY way, a way that makes ME happy. I eat MY way, a way that takes care of my health, maintains my weight, but mostly makes me happy — no more guilt and shame.

I’m grateful to get to the root issues of our clients’ challenges, build a healthy relationship with food, give individual’s the owner’s manual to living in harmony with their own body, and improve their mental and physical health. 

Not my way, Their Way.

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Shelby McDaniel is founder of the Diet Freedom™ memberships and a leading voice for men and women in the U.S. and abroad struggling with compulsive eating behaviors, disordered eating, and lifelong food and weight struggles.

Her 20 years in the fitness industry, 16 + years of coaching, and extensive educational background gives her outlier experience to create long term transformations for every common and uncommon food and body struggle.

Institute for the Psychology of Eating
BS Nutrition Science
Am I Hungry?® Licensed Mindful Eating Facilitator
ENW Certified Exercise Nutrition Specialist
Certified Weight Management Consulting Agent
Retired IFBB Figure Pro

Outside of the office, Shelby’s loves spending time with her rescue dogs and cats, her husband Adam and their Jeep Recyclers business, and enjoys DIY projects that challenge her creativity and keeps her body moving! 

Health Coach Smiling | Shelby McDaniel

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What is a Certified Mind Body Eating Coach?

All our coaches are at minimum experienced graduates from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, the world’s leading school in Nutritional Psychology, where they received a certification as an Mind Body Eating Coach.

In IPE’s internationally acclaimed program, coaches learn powerful cutting-edge tools and protocols that enable them to work with weight issues, body image challenges, overeating, binge eating, and a variety of nutrition related health concerns, such as digestion, fatigue, mood, immunity, and others.
A MBE coach’s work combines the powerful new fields Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition, and use a combination of practical coaching techniques, results-oriented psychology, clinical nutrition, body-centered practices, mind body science, and a positive and compassionate approach to challenges with food and health.