Ready to release all habits of

binge eating, emotional eating, body shaming,
and lifelong unwanted eating and weight challenges 
that are holding you back? 

Our Online Weight Loss Programs Are For You If You...

  • Binge or eat emotionally when life gets crazy
  • Obsess or get anxious about when, what, or how much to eat
  • Feel healthy eating is a pain in the you-know-what
  • Let the number on the scale ruin your day
  • Know what you “should” be eating but yet you still don’t do it
  • Body shame and compare yourself to others
  • Think about food what feels like all the time
  • Diet, lose weight, and gain the weight back, maybe more than you started with
  • Don’t trust yourself to make your own food choices
  • Worry the impact your habits are having on your health or family
  • Struggle putting yourself first and feeling deserving of being happy and healthy
  • Know this is not the best version of yourself

Transform Your Mindset, Body, Relationship with 
Food, Metabolism, and Most Importantly – 
Your Life  

In Two Ways

Option 1: Diet Freedom™ Personal Coaching

Get world class coaching, accountability, support,
and RESULTS at the highest level in Shelby’s
signature online weight loss program!

Shelby is basically your nutritionist, life coach, and therapist all-in-one (lucky you!) and uses a simple, compassionate, and empowering approach that pulls from eating psychology, mind body science, and the science behavior change to put an end to your binge eating and life long dieting – for good! Leave the program with a deep emotional freedom from food, loving your body, losing weight without dieting, and in pursuit of your wants and dreams that have been put on hold!

Create Your Breakthrough
Transformation Quickly...

Clients experience significant breakthroughs from the everyday food drama in as little as 4 to 8 weeks, even for those who have struggled for a lifetime.

Online weight loss program

Doing this alone causes you to:

  • Quit, procrastinate, or self sabotage
  • Get overwhelmed
  • Fall into the all-out-or-nothing trap
  • Be your own worst enemy
  • Second guess and fear the process

Team up with someone who’s got your back all the way to the finish line and who will help you take all that life force that goes into worry and perfectionism, self attack and constant uncertainty about food and nutrition and use it to be your best self living your best life!

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"Shelby at TNT has helped me…"


Shelby at TNT has helped me tremendously. After having been to multiple therapists about my eating issues, I am so happy to have found TNT. Shelby really understands everything I’m going through, is always 100% supportive, and brings such a balanced, manageable approach to eating and nutrition. Together, we are changing my relationship with food and changing my life for the better.

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"Shelby's diet freedom university…"


Shelby’s Diet Freedom University program has provided the final solution to my diet dilemma. After years of using “proven” and “expert” diet programs, aka WW, LA Weight Loss System, Noom, Diet Center, etc. etc., I have finally gotten to the root cause of my eating disorder (for lack of a better term). Her training modules are well written (and spoken) and the weekly coaching calls are so helpful. It has taken me a great deal of time to go through the program, which does take time, effort, and lots of self-reflection. Although I have not completed all of the modules yet, I am well on my way to a healthier and happier lifestyle–thanks to this program–and Shelby!!

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Ann S.
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"TNT Nutrition does an excellent…"


TNT Nutrition does an excellent job of laying out, step by step, how to stop the negative feedback loop in all of our heads and take control of the narrative, ending the negative cycle that holds us back and allowing us to move forward to a much more positive, open space. The program not only focuses on food issues and cleaning up that front, but also more broadly anything that’s holding you back. It has been such an incredible learning journey and I would highly recommend the program to anyone.

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Option 2: Diet Freedom™ University

Your Online Retreat to Losing the Mental and
Emotional Weight Around Food

Online weight loss program

This is our only stand alone online weight loss program without personalized coaching, however the program provides incredible results in healing your relationship with food, a deeper connection with your body, and freedom from unwanted eating habits. This online weight loss program is ideal if this is your first attempt at trying to resolve your weight and food issues on your own without repeating past dieting approaches, a college student, or you’re simply not 1000% ready for personal coaching. This is also a wonderful referral program for health practitioners.

THE DIET FREEDOM    Difference

Today’s weight loss programs only focus on food and exercise which never get to the root issue of your most painful, unwanted eating behaviors. How you do food is how you do life.

Your body, mind, and soul are also connected to your nutrition, weight loss, and eating habits. Our holistic, empowering, and proven successful approach rooted in each online weight loss program will pull all the pieces together so you can achieve balance, freedom, health, and fulfillment in your life. Permanent diet freedom does not and should not be painful or take a lifetime to achieve. That’s The Diet Freedom Difference!

online weight loss program

Success Stories

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“Shelby has changed my life!”


Shelby has changed my life! She’s an amazing coach that knows what to say and makes you feel safe, and able to express your true emotions! Learning Intuitive eating has been a game changer for my mental health, outlook on life, and my body image. I was struggling with serious binge eating, and eating large amounts of sugar. I thought struggling was going to be my life forever. Now I feel in charge, and free to eat the foods I want and also trust my body to know what to do. I learned you can still look great and live life at the same time. I highly recommend going through this journey with Shelby!

weight loss success, online nutrition coach
Leah Hyman
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“This program will change your life”


I’ve had a lifelong struggle with food and dieting, yoyo-ing between restrictive and binge eating. I felt like I would never break the cycle of fear and self-hate surrounding food and my body. I was crippled by guilt whenever I would eat anything no matter how “healthy” or “good”, and I skipped most meals because I just didn’t know how to do anything that wouldn’t cause me to gain weight. I was exhausted, overweight, and hopeless. When I pictured a lifetime of this restrictive dieting lifestyle, I wanted to give up. Then I found Shelby.

Investing in myself through Diet Freedom was the best decision I’ve ever made. I was skeptical that anything could help me, but Shelby gave me the permission that I’ve needed to give my body what it needs and to feel empowered to make healthy decisions. She told me once that you can’t hate yourself into change, and it’s so true – Shelby showed me how to love myself, stay positive even when I’m going through struggles, and keep moving forward on the path to a healthy life. I feel free from the control that food had over my life, and I have a renewed energy for other things that I’d given up on now that I can focus on something other than my diet. I can’t say enough about how worth it this program is.

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Rebecca Weisenhoff
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"A journey towards healing"


I am so glad that God led me to Shelby! She is so knowledgeable about food struggles, the body, and nutrition, and she shares from her own experience. Through the Diet Freedom University program and weekly coaching calls I have learned so much and been able to process my wins and struggles along the way.
Most importantly, I have been learning how to be kinder to myself, let go of perfectionism, eat what I REALLY want, and experience more freedom and energy to invest in other parts of life besides food. I would HIGHLY reccommend her to anyone struggling with their relationship with food!

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