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Goodbye bingeing, emotional eating, food obsessions,
body shaming, and lifelong unwanted eating
challenges once and for all…
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Our credentialed Certified Mind Body Eating Coaches understand that what you eat is only half of the story of good nutrition, and that life, emotions, and our personal world influence why and how we do food. It is why diets don’t work, and why they will never work for you for the long haul. 

It’s time to do things differently.

Our online weight loss programs use a combination of practical coaching techniques, results-oriented psychology, clinical nutrition, body-centered practices, mind body science, and a positive and compassionate approach to get to the root issues of your food and body challenges and eliminate your lifelong yo-yo dieting and weight cycling for good. No more counting, tracking, or restricting your favorite foods while you miss out on life.
That’s the Diet Freedom Difference!




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Diet Freedom™ Membership $

Get instant access to powerful self-paced mindful eating programs, our very own private social network that allows you to collaborate and connect with other students and coaches, LIVE group Q&As with expert Certified Mind Body Eating Coaches, meditation sessions, plus guest speakers for unique topics and more! Perfect for those on a budget, newcomers, avid learners, and practitioners in need of a trustworthy resource to help clients in need who have a history of binge eating, emotional eating, chronic dieting, or food obsessions.

Diet Freedom™ Group Coaching
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Diet Freedom™ Private Coaching


World-class private coaching, accountability, and support to help you get to the root of your food and body issues – and fast! Working one-on-one with a professional, credentialed Certified Mind Body Eating Coach and a personalized Diet Freedom™ Blueprint to success is the fastest means to create a normal relationship with food, achieve your natural weight, develop healthy eating habits that last, and be free of food and diet obsessions for good. Other areas we can help support you are digestive health, autoimmune diseases, abnormal lab results, and women’s health. 

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Diet Freedom™ VIP Mentorship
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Our 6 month unparalleled food + life coaching program, designed to not only heal your relationship with food but elevate your relationships, career, financial health, or any other areas of your life you are looking to elevate to another level.

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Doing this alone causes you to:

Transform Your Mindset, Body, Relationship with
Food, Metabolism, and Most Importantly -
Your Life

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