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Goodbye bingeing, emotional eating, sugar addiction,
body shaming, and lifelong unwanted eating
challenges once and for all…

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Our Online Weight Loss Programs Are For You If You...


Our credentialed Certified Mind Body Eating Coaches understand that what you eat is only half of the story of good nutrition, and that life, emotions, and our personal world influence why and how we do food. It is why diets don’t work, and why they will never work for you for the long haul. 

It’s time to do things differently.

Our online weight loss programs use a combination of practical coaching techniques, results-oriented psychology, clinical nutrition, body-centered practices, mind body science, and a positive and compassionate approach to get to the root issues of your food and body challenges and eliminate your lifelong yo-yo dieting and weight cycling for good. No more counting, tracking, or restricting your favorite foods while you miss out on life.
That’s the Diet Freedom Difference!




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Once You Join Us Our Goals With You Are Simple...
To get you to Diet Freedom as quickly as possible.

Our real-human coaching and proven Diet Freedom Model™ is woven into each membership level, gifting you with a deep emotional freedom from food, loving your body, losing weight, and back in pursuit of your wants and dreams that have been put on hold! Simply choose which membership you wish to start with, you can always upgrade for extra coaching and support if you need it!

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Level 01

Diet Freedom Membership

Inside this membership you’ll get Shelby’s proven Diet Freedom™ Success Path training that will guide you step-by-step how to revolutionize your relationship with food and naturally lose the weight without all the crazy diet tactics! PLUS each month you can participate in a tactical workshop with Certified Mind Body Eating Coaches, a monthly live Q&A with Shelby, AND collaborate with Shelby, her team of coaches, and other students for extra coaching and support in our very own private social network!

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Level 02

Inner Circle Membership

All the benefits of the Diet Freedom Membership PLUS facilitated weekly group coaching calls with veteran, Certified Mind Body Eating Coaches. This higher level of accountability and personal support will help you create breakthrough transformations FASTER and EASIER in any area you’re trying to master. As an added bonus, you’ll also receive an Inner Circle Workbook, our complete Nutrition Recipe Collection, daily mindful SMS messages, cool swag, and get to participate in fun quarterly challenges! 

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Level 03

V.I.P Membership

This one year mentorship is by application only and is reserved for frustrated, ambitious individuals craving THE highest level of personalized nutrition and life coaching, support, and transformation in the FASTEST time possible.  Personally work with Shelby to receive a 100% customized coaching program and the ultimate white glove coaching experience with weekly personalized game plans, private email and text support, plus all the benefits of the Inner Circle Membership! Please apply to speak with Shelby for more details and to see if we would be a good fit! 

Doing This Alone Causes You To:

Our Online Weight Loss Programs Will Help You...

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Quiet guilt, shame, or anxiety around food so you can eat what you want and feel great about it.

online nutrition coach

Remove thinking about food 24/7 and step into the best version of yourself you've been craving.

online nutrition coach

Step off the diet-binge-in-control-out-of control roller coaster, for good!

online nutrition coach

Reclaim mental space and energy to pursue your wants and dreams that have been on pause.

online nutrition coach

Shift your negative, over-critical, bullying mind to be your greatest ally about food and self.

online nutrition coach

Remove fear of gaining weight or letting numbers on the scale dictate who you are or what you eat.

online nutrition coach

Restore trust in yourself and your body to know when to eat, what to eat, how much to eat.

online nutrition coach

Naturally gravitate towards eating healthy foods because you WANT to not because you "should" or "have" to.

online nutrition coach

Stop the body hate and feel like a confident bad*ss every single day.

online nutrition coach

Boost your metabolism and lose weight without rigid meal plans, tracking, or restrictive dieting tactics.

online nutrition coach

Wake up each day knowing with 100% confidence that food and body struggles are no longer part of your life.

online nutrition coach

Get the owner's manual to living in harmony with YOUR body and eating

Transform Your Mindset, Body, Relationship with
Food, Metabolism, and Most Importantly -
Your Life!

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