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DEAR CHAMPION Who’s Ready to
End Your Battle With Food...

I know what it’s like to try to do the right thing when it comes to food an exercise… only to deepen the food and body struggles and frustrations.

But then I discovered a new outlook on food and a powerful new way to be myself… outside the imprisonment of my restrictive dieting and pressure to have the perfect body that had been holding me back.

You deserve this very freedom and it’s my life’s calling to help you get there. If you’re a “HECK YES” (not “kinda”) ready to end your struggle with your body and food for good, lose weight without dieting, and move towards a life filled with freedom, begin your success by reserving your spot now for your Breakthrough Clarity Session.

Fill out the brief application to secure your spot. Your appointment is confirmed only after you’ve filled out your application.

I can’t wait to help you create a permanent and life changing transformation.

You’re #1 fan,

Shelby Mc Daniel

On your Breakthrough Clarity Session,
We’ll work ONE-ON-ONE with you to:

  • Look under the hood and discuss your biggest frustrations and challenges with food and uncover what’s keeping you stuck from feeling relaxed with food and achieving weight loss that lasts.
  • End the hopelessness and begin creating the vision of your best life and the relationship with food you want to have...and deserve.
  • If I am 100% confident I can help and we’re a good fit for one another, then together we will create a custom game plan using a proven strategy that myself and hundreds of clients have used to end your binge eating, emotional eating, or lifelong dieting - for GOOD!
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"This Program Will Change Your life"

I’ve had a lifelong struggle with food and dieting, yoyo-ing between restrictive and binge eating. I felt like I would never break the cycle of fear and self-hate surrounding food and my body. I was crippled by guilt whenever I would eat anything no matter how “healthy” or “good”, and I skipped most meals because I just didn’t know how to do anything that wouldn’t cause me to gain weight. I was exhausted, overweight, and hopeless. When I pictured a lifetime of this restrictive dieting lifestyle, I wanted to give up.
Then I found Shelby.

Investing in myself through Diet Freedom was the best decision I’ve ever made. I was skeptical that anything

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"Overcoming 20 Year Struggle with Food & Body"

I have been struggling with a unhealthy relationship with food /body image for the better part of almost 20 years. It doesn’t help that as a military member that I have fitness standards to maintain annually. I found Shelby after searching for a diet consultant and her website jumped out at me because it noted that it deals with individuals with a history of eating issues. A year ago, I was diagnosed by a therapist that I am bulimic. Even though the therapist helped to identify the clinical definition of the problem, I still was in search for the root of my issue.

I changed duty stations and still could not find anyone to help until Shelby came into my life. I was very

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"Shelby is amazing!"

When I found Shelby I was recovering from an eating disorder and 50 pounds overweight. I felt really stuck since I didn’t want to fall into old patterns but also wasn’t happy with the weight I was at. It took some time but I’m happy to say my outlook on weight, diet, and myself have totally changed. Shelby’s process completely shifted how I view myself, my size and my place in the world. I can’t recommend her enough. And yes, I have lost weight but that’s not the point here 😉 I feel like I am healed and truly free from my weight issues. And able to focus on truly living..”
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"Ended 20 Year Battle with Food"

I just want to truly thank you for your support with everything. Prior to working with your coaching, I had been ignoring my health. It was easier to ignore taking care of my body and mind and focus on work then others. Today, I can truly say I put me first then everyone/thing else. I can look at food as nutrition versus comfort or the enemy. I have incorporated new foods, recipes, and lifestyles that I ENJOY! It’s no longer a stressful experience to manage my relationship food. You have made my BATTLE/WAR with food and my body end after 20 years! Thank you for everything you have done for me! You have truly changed my life and future!”
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"It Changed My Life"

I feel confident in my ability to make conscious food choices and know that it is totally within my control to continue this journey and relationship with food. I want to thank you so much for your guidance and love through this process. This is the best money I have ever spent on myself and it truly was a lifetime investment. The tools you offered me and your unwavering support have given me more than I could’ve ever dreamt. I am preparing to go to grad school to be a nurse anesthetist (as you know) and I see such a change in myself. I don’t think I would’ve gotten into grad school, nor even taken the leap to apply if it weren’t for how your program changed my life. It sounds super generic to say “it changed my life”…. but it did! I am a happier, more content version of myself.  

-Megan R


Let’s have that conversation so you can create the life and the relationship you want to have with food and unblock what’s holding you back from pursuing it.

(This system works with a proven success rate no matter how many strategies you’ve tried or how lost you feel).

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For years Liz tried losing weight through restrictive eating and over exercising, leaving her body taxed, obsessing about food, binge eating, and feeling shameful about her body and self. Today Liz is losing weight, loving food and most importantly, loving herself!

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Shelby, the work I have done with you over the past 4-5 months has been nothing short of transformational! I only wish I could accurately illustrate he mental, emotional weight I have lost on this journey! Man, that would be some impressive before and after pics!

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Kat Simonovic

2016 Olympic Rio Games swimmer Kat Simonovic struggled with a toxic mentality about food and struggled with binge eating. Today Kat feels at peace with food and body and found joy again in her exercise! Watch her interview with Shelby.

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Shelby Mc Daniel