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If That’s You…I Will PERSONALLY Work With You To Help You Overhaul Your Lifelong Dieting Struggles for a Fun and Healthy Relationship with Food, Hot Metabolism, and Resilient Mindset So You Can Live A Healthy Lifestyle WITHOUT Stressing About Food Or Weight Ever Again…

I discovered more on this ONE call with you than I have with any therapist! 
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DEAR CHAMPION Who’s Ready to End Your Battle With Food...

To interrupt your painful, unwanted eating patterns, we have to do things differently. I am here to help you do your work. 

I have dedicated the last 15+ years of my virtual coaching practice creating, refining, and implementing the most effective, realistic, yet gentle strategies that today have now helped hundreds of clients just like you escape the imprisonment of restrictive dieting and pressure to have the perfect body, perfect eating regimen, perfect everything in order to succeed and feel good about themselves – and quickly!

You deserve this very freedom and it’s my life’s calling to help you get there. If you’re a “HECK YES” (not “kinda”) ready to end your struggle with your body and food for good, lose weight without dieting, and move towards a life filled with freedom, then schedule your Breakthrough Clarity Call today!
Together, let’s create a personalized strategy to help you end your current negative relationship with food and begin a new, nourishing relationship that will help you achieve your natural weight and rid unwanted eating behaviors once and for all.
Your #1 Fan,

Shelby Mc Daniel

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