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To Help You Transform Your Relationship With Your Food and Your Body
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175 Things To Do Besides Emotionally Eat

Food can’t fix your feelings. Use these done-for-you strategies to replace emotional eating with something that truly helps soothe, calm, and meet your true. needs so food can go back to being, well- food!  

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The Diet Freedom Model™

The 4-Step System To Achieve Freedom From Emotional Eating, Binge Eating, And Lifelong Yo-Yo Dieting

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FREE Workshop

Learn How The WHY Behind Your Mindless Eating Is The Key To Changing When, What, How, And How Much You Eat So You Can Finally STOP Dieting and feel back in control with food!

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Our new YouTube Channel that provides helpful tips all things food and body!

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'Finding Diet Freedom' Book

My new book filled with inspiring true transformation memoirs by real people who have escaped chronic dieting and found FREEDOM with food! Get a FREE copy when you join my 14-day free trial to my Diet Freedom Membership! 

Mind Body Nutrition Blog

Read up on the latest topics on mindful eating, health, weight loss, mindset, nutrition, and more!

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