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healthy relationship with food

What Is A Healthy Relationship With Food?

We live in a diet-focused weight focused society. Sad, but true. In fact, 50% of Americans struggle finding a healthy relationship with food, yet we …

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eating psychology

Dynamic Eating Psychology: Stop Shoving Your Face with Cookies

I am glad you are here! I have been expecting you! I am going to assume that despite all of your years of dieting, you …

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how to stop obsessing about food

How To Stop Obsessing About Food: 5 Tips To Lose the Emotional Weight Around Food

Many people struggle silently thinking about food 24/7, interrupting what is most important to them such as family, happiness, professional development, and or other personal goals. Here are 5 tips to help you reduce the emotional weight around food.

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how to stop fear of food

How To Stop Your Fear Of Food

If you are looking for how to stop your fear of food, you are in the right place. A fear of food can feel absolutely paralyzing, like you are sleeping with the enemy every day. 

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stress and emotional eating

Exploring the Relationship Between Stress and Emotional Eating

The relationship between stress and emotional eating are like brother and sister. I don’t work with one client who isn’t stressed by the demands of today’s modern world…

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Can You Get Addicted to Sugar?

Do you feel addicted to sugar? Believe you are addicted to sugar? Always craving something sweet?  I hear it ALL the time from my clients: …

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