Michael B

I have been struggling with a unhealthy relationship with food /body image for the better part of almost 20 years. It doesn’t help that as a military member that I have fitness standards to maintain annually. I found Shelby after searching for a diet consultant and her website jumped out at me because it noted that it deals with individuals with a history of eating issues. A year ago, I was diagnosed by a therapist that I am bulimic. Even though the therapist helped to identify the clinical definition of the problem, I still was in search for the root of my issue.

I changed duty stations and still could not find anyone to help until Shelby came into my life. I was very depressed and felt hopeless until we started talking. While I was a little skeptical at first, what drew me to her was her love for helping others and the fact that she has experienced a unhealthy relationship with food as well. Once I stated her program and watched her videos, almost every block or message spoke to my own personal struggles. Today I have a new sense of self. For years my focus was on what the scale said every morning and now I know that I am a whole person without looking at digital number’s multiple times per day.

While I still have to maintain standards, I am more comfortable in my own skin. Her program has really helped me to understand that food or my weight should never control me. Shelby is a really good person and I would recommend her to absolutely anyone. I believe that she genuinely cares about her clients and she works with you individually to help you become better and whole.

I know if you are coming to Shelby, we have more in common than the average person. If you are struggling with food and your own self-worth through food, she can definitely help you.