Mike Pope

My experience with Shelby has been amazing, I’ve seen dramatic results not only in the cage and on the mat, but in my everyday life. I fought six MMA cage fights, and countless different jujitsu tournaments before being on Shelby’s plan, all of which involved cutting at least ten pounds each time, and honestly I do not know how I did it without her. While I was always able to perform “well”, I always found myself gasping for air in between rounds, a telltale sign of a bad weight cut. For my last MMA fight, I worked closely with Shelby and the results were UNBELIEVABLE, I went the distance and never once felt the effects of the ten pound weight cut, and even more amazingly, I felt faster and stronger than ever. Most recently, Shelby helped me cut down from 170, to 161 for a same day weigh-in at the IBJJF World Jujitsu Competition, not only did I arrive at weight with room to spare, but I felt and performed better than I ever could imagine. I was able to tear through my division and place 4th out of over 120 competitors – a feat that wouldn’t of been possible on my old “weight cutting program” – Shelby’s knowledge and expertise is now a permanent addition to my fight preparation.