Madelyn found hardships in finding balance with her eating. She was very restrictive and compliant to the point where it was unsustainable, which led to overeating and yo-yoing back and forth. She loved whole foods but just couldn’t figure out why she struggled to stay consistent. Madelyn worked through some deep inner work to address the obstacles that were keeping her from succeeding such as perfectionism, shame, and specific triggers that were causing her to overeat. She has learned to embrace the positivity that healthy eating brings to her life, and tune in to her body’s natural hunger rhythm to help her eat mindfully.

Shelby was instrumental in helping me identify some unhealthy nutritional habits I had developed and gave me the tools to change them. Without her insight and knowledge I don’t think I would be in the healthy state I am today, she truly provides the perfect environment to explore and dig deep. For me it was instrumental in improving my health, always persistent and never judging I would highly recommend her to anyone needing a nutritional mental reset.