Larry Sabourin

Shelby (aka Boss!!!) you are truly the best that has happened to me in my fitness journey. I feel like you really listen and are in tune with what does/doesn’t work for me. You’ve been an awesome inspiration and true role model. I appreciate your honesty and how you live and stay true to your values. You’re extremely patient, I know I can drive you crazy with random texts or emails. With that said, I always felt like I was your only client (even though we all know I’m not lol). You’ve indirectly taught me how to look at myself differently and really challenged me both mentally and physically this year. I can honestly say that there has not been one instance where I questioned you! I listened to every word, wrote down instructions and followed everything. I feel very fortunate that after my begging, you allowed me to work with you! I’m not going anywhere until you kick me out. Haha. Don’t kick me out! Once again, thank you for everything. I hope I haven’t let you down throughout this journey thus far. We really did bring a completely different, streamlined packaged that I didn’t even know was possible! I promise you, next year will be even more epic!!

If you’re looking for someone who truly cares about you and the goals you set before you, explore TNT Nutrition folks. They take a wholistic approach to weight loss and fitness. Whether you’re a competitor in various sports/activities, or looking for general weight loss contact Shelby McDaniel, Nic Dennard and Tracy Sisson at TnT Nutrition.