Kristen B

My journey with TNT Nutrition started with my TNT Fitness program (a partner of TNT Nutrition), which I joined in order to get in shape for my wedding. I had been working with the program for about a week before I realized that in order to make the most of my fitness routine, I needed to get my diet in order. I went into the process with a short-term goal of looking good for my wedding, but I was dead set on making this a permanent and long-term change. Shelby is probably the most positive and genuine person I have ever spoken to, which is so important when trusting someone to help you make a lifestyle change. I’ve had my ups and downs weight-wise over the years, but I was currently at my highest as I started to prepare for the most important day of my life to date. The thought intimidated me, but Shelby made this process as easy as possible. She really invested herself in learning my lifestyle, schedule, and everyday pressures. There was no drastic change or impossible guidelines during my first phase of the program, which was so important in helping me stick to it. She helped me craft manageable goals to accomplish each week and helped me stay positive during times I felt discouraged. She also led me to the sources of some of my habits and gave me practical tools and tricks to overcome them. When I found my dream dress, I was determined to order it two sizes smaller than the bridal shop recommended (much to their dismay). I looked forward to my fittings when I could update Shelby on my progress and to my delight, I lost 20 pounds and the dress fit perfectly on my wedding day. I could not have done this without my coach and friend, because Shelby truly did become a friend through this process and really showed how much she cared about my success, not only for the wedding, but throughout the rest of my life. The tools she taught me have helped me maintain my loss, and I have found a new balance which allows me to enjoy my life without the constant stress that I’ll fall off the bandwagon. I am forever grateful to Shelby and this program!