Kadie B

I know the pictures couldn’t be more different – the before pic of me at the beach and the after of me going to a formal event this weekend. I don’t even have a spanks or girdle or anything on under that dress – what????? Anyways I think the pictures actually do a good job of also depicting how I feel. Before, tired and sluggish. Now, energized and excited to take on life’s challenges. I am so happy with the results of your program. I started the program after my 3rd child. I weighed 162 with just an initial goal of getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 150. Working through the program I blew past that goal and after 6 months ended up at 130 lbs and a size 4! I had no idea that I had that in me! I have learned how to choose foods that sustain me and give me lots of healthy energy to get through the long days (with 3 kids). The program is totally doable and will change your life! People ask me all the time how did I do it And I say eating the right things and more of it! All of which I owe to Shelby! Thank you for all of your support, the program really works. I am only 3 lbs away from my marriage weight. I never dreamed I would EVER get back to that. I just told my husband that I’m almost the weight I was when we got married and he said I like the new you! 🙂