Shelby !

I just wanted to take the time out to say thank you again. Coming into this I was expecting, but not knowing what I would get. “TNT” has changed my whole outlook on nutrition and just life period. Dealing/Coping with depression and anxiety, you took the time out to help me understand what I was feeling and why. I don’t know any other company that does that. Not only did you help me understand the WHY, but we found the HOW to find the positive out of everything, and how to find different ways to deal with my situations. AHHH!!!:) The many of times I tried to hold back my tears when you called to check up on my progression. You became that Confidant, the one who listened and never judged. Still past the tears and bad days, you helped me find a better way. You motivated me to stay positive. I always looked forward to our meetings and your happy voice on the other end saying “HEY! IT’S SHELBY MCDANIEL!”:D Those moments always brought a smile to my face…and if ever feeling down… I felt better in those moments. You know a lot of us start these fitness journeys because we believe that the change in our aesthetics will make us feel better… Nah… It starts with inner. Shelby…You have helped realize that. You know how much stress I was putting on myself to fit into a box I didn’t belong in. Doing everything but me…and I’m not ashamed… because you helped me find pieces of me on this journey. You made me realize how special I am as an individual, and that immediately got the ball rolling. You are such a big inspiration as a person, a coach, and a business woman. You go above and beyond to help others! And that is BEYOND beautiful! TNT Nutrition is definitely the Power Company, because of the Love and REAL you guys offer!!. None of these words could even begin to describe how thankful I am for this experience. Thank you so much Shelby and TNT Nutrition for helping me along my journey. ..Becoming the greater version of myself! YOU’RE FREAKING BOWL OF AWESOMESAUCE!:D