Weight Loss Secrets: The Power Of Your Thoughts

Weight loss secrets people think will work for them, really aren’t the big secret, the key to unlocking it all. Like, how to have a lighter version of your favorite cake when you have cravings. That’s not the big secret. It’s a tip, but not the big secret that will give you the healthy lifestyle you crave. Or incorporating grapefruit for extra fat burning. That’s not the big secret. So let’s get REAL. You really want to know? The secret to success with your weight, food, in life, are your THOUGHTS. Your thoughts are SO incredibly POWERFUL.

If you are looking for long-term weight loss, no matter how much weight you have to lose, it’s all about your BRAIN. Understanding why you think the way you do, has a direct relationship to why you eat the way you do. Learning how to train your brain to become a total badass partner in your weight loss journey IS THE SECRET!

When I first began working with clients light years ago, we use to be just about food discussions. I learned early that this alone is not enough TO TRANSFORM people. A little menu and a grocery list will only help you to a certain degree! With proper training, experience, and dedication to mastering this SECRET, these days we do SO MUCH discussing on subject matters that have nothing to do with calories, carbs, macros, etc (Yes, of course we still talk about these things!) but you cannot move forward with all the nutrition information and keep healthy eating a lifestyle when you still doubt you may not be able to keep, or you still beat yourself up over the littlest things, or when you get pissed when you eat a freaking cupcake.

Trust me, EVERYONE needs a little work and EVERYONE we work with gets served. We’ve grown to be able to go deep with our clients, to help them move forward, to help them become so empowered and in charge of their eating, all by dedicating time to focus on their thoughts, beliefs, and paradigms. Why do you think Tony Robbins has so many successful clients? It’s because his teachings involve working on one’s mindset!

Let’s do a little coaching for those who want to learn how to implement healthier eating habits. The THOUGHT of changing your eating habits can be intimidating. There are many unknowns. Many people THINK fearful thoughts: What will my life be like at a lower weight? What will my spouse think of me? How will I handle giving up my favorite foods? How hard will this be? Can I do this?

Do you think today’s current and past Olympians got up every morning and thought “Hmm, well I hope I get the gold medal some day”. Of course they didn’t! So take a few deep breaths and let’s start to think some POSITIVE thoughts! Think about the vibrant life you want to have, the relationship with your food you want to have. Can you feel it? Can you see it?


I want you to embrace your weight loss journey with a powerful, POSITIVE mindset.


Because now you know, the WEIGHT LOSS SECRET is it all starts with your thoughts! Here is an easy, yet effective method we use to help many of our clients, it’s called the TFAR method.


(Occurring in order) Your THOUGHTS directly affect how you FEEL. Your FEELINGS affect what ACTIONS (or lack of) you take, which directly affect you RESULTS. How successful do you think you’ll be if you keep having thoughts that question if you can really lose the weight? How long do you think you’ll stick with improving your eating habits if your reality of losing weight involves complete perfectionism?


When trying to lose weight, you will learn if you have a “bad day” of eating, you can literally trace it back to your thoughts and your frame of mind that contains a fear-based and/or negative thought. So if you want to have a kick-ass day every day, you’ve got to master the TFAR method. Use the TFAR method as often as you need to, whenever you need to. You can even use it for things that have nothing to do with your eating.

EXAMPLE: You’re having a crazy day. The kids are crying, you’re running late and didn’t pack your snacks to go like you planned. Your “Debbie-Downer” autopilot thoughts are saying “Here I go again, two steps forward one step back.”

These negative thoughts will affect how you feel, your actions, your results. MANAGE these thoughts now using TFAR, create more positive thoughts such as, “OK, just relax and breathe. My entire success does not revolve around one meal. I will buy the healthiest snack available at the [venue] and move on.” Or, “Lesson learned. I think I need to pack my snacks the night before to ensure I can just grab them and get out the door. I got this.”

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BOOM! You’re not going to stay in a victim mentality and begin to eat emotionally, you’re going to stay in charge, take some prep action when you get home, and keep moving forward! How do you think behaviors (the actions/results) evolve? Actions and results are at the end of the cycle. In many situations, to change these behaviors, you MUST learn to better manage your thoughts.

We all are who we are; we all come from different backgrounds and experiences. Believe it or not, I use to be a glass-half-empty sort of gal in my younger days. Yes, me! I now live by the TFAR method and use it to help me avoid bad emotional spots. This is often the case when things get distracting around me, especially with managing my company as there are always a thousand moving pieces. I have learned in both a personal and professional setting that I cannot control what crazy or negative thoughts initiate in my head.  Who can? By initiate, I mean those immediate, auto-pilot thoughts, those urges of emotion.

For example, I’ll get anxious about a goal I haven’t quite achieved yet. My competitive brain wants to immediately start to worry, and I initially want to invest more energy into this thought. But using the TFAR method, I can MANAGE my thoughts, and truly separate myself emotionally from them, no matter how deep they go, and you can too! You do this by responding promptly, as soon as you catch these negative, routine, fear-based thoughts you must IMMEDIATELY work hard to swap it for a positive one. 

Think of your vision, think of how successful you’ll be, think about all the steps you’ve already taken forward up to this point. Easier said than done, it takes time, and practice. You may not even believe your own positive thoughts at first, but you will soon enough. You are ultimately in charge of how you want to feel, which is extremely powerful.

Those that have successfully achieved their weight loss goals will tell you it seems like the whole weight loss journey is ALL mental. So prepare yourself now because TFAR is a key component to your success.

On a side note, also realize you don’t have all the answers right now when it comes to your weight loss. How could you? There is much to learn, but we can be so hard on ourselves (thoughts) and sabotage our own success.

So be patient and compassionate toward yourself. Most importantly, dedicate yourself to learning the TFAR method. If you find yourself continuously struggling with negativity, find support books and audio books to help. Get excited about your newly found one of the few true weight loss secrets, now time to master it!

“Those who think they can, and those who think they can’t, are both usually right”- Confucius

I promise you, once your mindset gets the training it needs, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING. Do you hear me? ANYTHING!! I can help you get out of your own head. I can help you break your cyclical dieting. I just need you to be ready to receive. Please apply for a breakthrough clarity call with me. Walk away with clarity, walk away with a sense of relief that you are understood and your struggles ARE resolvable!

You’re one click away from taking a step that will transform your life.