Top Diet Freedom Goals Of My Most Recent Clients

diet freedom goals

Often in this world of deep struggles with food, people feel very alone. They feel they are the only ones that have “crazy” thoughts or obsessions about food, that scratch their head as to why they can’t figure this whole “eating thing” out, or why they can’t control themselves around certain foods. 

It’s easy to begin to believe, “Well maybe I AM a food or sugar addict?”

Trust me you’re not. 

The problem is not that you’re addicted to food, the problem is that the only way you know how to eat is through dieting. 

That’s all you know.

You’ve lost or never had a strong connection intuitively with food or your body. 

Too many numbers, information, and “should’s” cloud your ability to be your own nutrition expert.

You’ve drifted from being able to make your own decisions around food. 

The good news is that you can find that again. 

When I begin to work with clients, it’s not uncommon that the connection they’ve been missing all along is still there, they simply stopped listening to it, and can therefore begin to tap back into that right away. 

But they can do that because they are on a new journey with new goals that require a new focus. 

Goals that don’t include instantly losing 30 pounds on a juice cleanse…

Goals that are instead deep, intimate, and involve getting to the root issues of what is most important to them and that will send their life and health on an entirely new trajectory… 

Goals that require a new approach, a new way of thinking. 

These individuals decided NOT be a victim of their environment and past history with dieting. They decided to be the architect of it. 

I am sharing their goals with you for inspiration. To let you know you’re not alone. To help you begin to think differently about what goals you are setting for yourself. If you’re looking for anything “instant”, time to get back to the drawing board in your goal setting. It’s time to be the designer of your world and not merely the consumer of it…

food freedom goals

Diet Freedom Goal #1

“I want to be at peace with my body and with food and finally feel comfortable in my skin. I want to wear all of the clothes I dream of and feel comfortable and be able to maintain this for the rest of my life. I don’t want food to be the main focus of my life anymore.” 

Diet Freedom Goal #2

“Learn to eat and enjoy my food without “the voices of guilt and shame”. Be comfortable in my body as it is at any given time. Believe in myself that I can take control of my life – food, decisions, thoughts, and will make the best choices for me at that time.”

Diet Freedom Goal #3

“Love my body, not to be ashamed of it, and not worry about what people think about my body.”

Diet Freedom Goal #4

“Peace with food! To stop feeling like a failure (imposter) because the number on the scale is getting bigger and my jeans aren’t getting smaller. Deal with all stress better (not just food) because it’s all connected. Feel strong and healthy again.” 

Diet Freedom Goal #5

“Having a strong, confident body I can feel my best in long term (despite life’s ups and downs) through a healthy relationship with food (and actual enjoyment of it) free of restrictions, binge episodes, excessive daily effort & guilt.”

Diet Freedom Goal #6

“Find a good balanced rhythm with food and activity that feels natural (not forced because I am doing a program).”  

Diet Freedom Goal #7

“True and absolute freedom from the chains that food I have been bound to. Eat to live rather than a live to eat mentality. Be “centered” within myself. Become EMBODIED rather than DISEMBODIED with myself. Let go of negative self talk and sabotage.”

Diet Freedom Goal #8

“To push food into the background of my life. That food becomes delicious nutrition but nothing more. That it no longer affects mood or self-orientation. That food no longer controls me. That I learn to work with my body and understand it and love it and then want to take care of it wisely.” 

Diet Freedom Goal #9

“Manage my emotional eating. Find other ways to satisfy my need for joy and happiness while interacting with people and food. How to find peace and confidence with myself with the right foods so I can be aware of this action and then correct it with the right thoughts that it benefits me. No longer have food control me. Then I will finally feel free…”

Diet Freedom Goal #10

“To never have to diet AGAIN! I want to feel not just good but great in my own skin and have a good relationship with food. I don’t want to turn to food (even if subconscious!) for comfort, just nourishment.”

diet freedom goals

Out of all the goals listed above, what goals do you relate to the most? Goals are about the results you want to achieve. But systems are about the processes that lead to those results. Therefore, you do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems. If the only systems you have in place are those from your past meal plans or crazy diet, Houston – we have a problem. Let’s change that! Learn more about how our team can help you get the systems and support you need to get your relationship with food on a new trajectory! And don’t wait…Some people spend their entire lives waiting for the time to be right to make an improvement. There is never a “right” time, you simply have to start…