Diet Freedom Accelerator Program

Our 8-week group coaching program combines training, weekly coaching, implementation, and accountability to accelerate your personal Diet Freedom results.

It's Not Only About Knowledge. It's About Implementation.

Our Accelerator Program will help you take ACTION to transform your relationship with food, mindset, metabolism, body, so you can get back to what matters most – life!

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“Finally gotten to the root cause!”


“I have finally gotten to the root cause of my eating disorder (for the lack of a better term). Her training modules are well written (and spoken) and the weekly coaching calls are so helpful…”

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Ann S.
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“The weight is coming off”


“…I no longer have the negative thoughts about messing up or missing the mark. I give myself grace. What a nice, indescribable feeling. Presently, I am free to live, workout, and eat healthy. The weight is coming off…” 

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"The sky is the limit"


“…Through mindful eating/living I have realized so much more about how my restrictive eating was carrying over into restrictive living. Mentally I feel like the sky is the limit and I have started to dream again…”

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Benefits of hiring a coach

Sometimes you need someone to help reduce the noise, cut to the chase, and give you a clear pathway to success…

A guide who’s been there and done that before who can show you the way in a fraction of the time.

From LeBron James & Michael Jordan to Bill Gates & Steve Jobs, the best of the best have a coach. A coach isn’t there to JUST help you achieve your initial goals…your coach is with you along the way, continually pushing you to achieve greater results, faster!

Let me ask you a question (or 4)

Are you happy with the amount of progress you’ve made in the last few months on your own?

How many nutrition books or course modules sit unopened that you’ve bought over the years?

How many times have you told yourself you want to resolve this but could never find something that pulls all the pieces together?

And most importantly, how much focus have your struggles with food, body, or weight taken away from your day-to-day life and what matters most to you?

This is your opportunity to level up and take the next step forward to radically overhauling your food and body struggles. So let’s do this! 

Your #1 Fan,

Shelby Mc Daniel

Our diet freedom coaches will help you

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Here's How It Works

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Our coaches laser-focus on your biggest challenges with you for 8 weeks and use our proven 5 Step Process to help you shortcut the learning process and achieve your diet freedom goals faster and easier than on your own.

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Step 01: Discovery Process

Our coaches will help you identify the core issues behind your biggest challenges. Why? 50% of any solution lies in defining the problem.

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Once your coach identifies the core issues, they’ll provide you with specific HOW-To’s to eliminating these core issues and what will help you create PERMANENT, inner shifts with how you currently see, think, and do food that ultimately can help you achieve your natural weight.

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Mindset training is critical to become emotionally resilient not just around food and body, but in every area of your life whether that be about yourself, your worth, your career, your relationships, or other.

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 A detailed blueprint that outlines not only what steps you took to become successful but how to continue your success and KEEP your results leaving no guesswork if you’ll be able to sustain your success.

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8 weeks of weekly group coaching calls and access to our own internal private community to move your mind body action plans into full speed, break through barriers, keep you focused, and give you a kick in the pants when you need it. 

Current Schedule:Group coaching calls are held every Wednesday @7pm EST with Marina Francis
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Here's What You Get

Coaching calls

LIVE weekly group coaching calls to ask questions, get feedback, and support to crush your obstacles and win.

($1600 Value)


Cutting-edge Diet Freedom Blueprint course & digital library to produce the breakthroughs you need to change everything.

($1500 value)


Weekly group coaching calls and an accountability team to ensure you’re staying focused and out of your own way.

($1000 Value)


Personalized weekly practical, actionable goals for YOUR biggest challenges to keep you moving forward with confidence.

($800 Value)

BONUS workshops

Bonus workshops to help you thrive in all areas of your life including, stress management, relationships, and more! 

($500 Value)


Exclusive access to ALL of our groups’ call recordings packed with golden nuggets and ‘ah-ha’ moments! 

($399 Value)


Low carb, 5 Ingredient, Vegetarian, and other tested and approved recipes to help bring joy back to your eating!

($300 Value)


Feel supported and belonging in  a community that you can learn from and can elevate you to the next level.


Total Value Over $6000!

Join Our 8-week Accelerator program
for just 2 payments of $297!


Enrollment Closes In...
(or when 10 spots are filled!)

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We provide you a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you are not happy for any reason with the quality of our program, AND you are truly doing the work (without aiming for perfection!) we will fully refund you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

The A-Team

Alina Sarkisyan

Alina Sarkisyan | Shelby McDaniel

Marina Francis

Marina Francis | Shelby McDaniel

Tanya Garrison

Tanya Garrison | Shelby McDaniel

Marina Francis

Marina Francis | Shelby McDaniel

Alina Sarkisyan

Alina Sarkisyan | Shelby McDaniel

Tanya Garrison

Tanya Garrison | Shelby McDaniel

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently our calls take place every Wed at 7pm EST. All calls are conducted via Zoom.

No worries, things happen! You can post any of your questions to our private community that you would like to have our coaches address in depth on the call. All calls are recorded so you never have to miss out on getting advice or learning from others! 

The lucky participants in our Pilot Program will be working with Marina Francis.

You will have the option to continue coaching at a discounted grandfathered rate for as long as you’d like to stay in our inner circle! 

Knowing you have to report in to your weekly group call makes a huge difference in your success. Plus, we have a separate accountability team who stay in close contact with your coach about how things are going to ensure you’re actively participating and staying out of your own way.

All questions, concerns, and insights are addressed on the weekly group calls and within our private community. Private email and text support is offered in Shelby’s Diet Freedom Legacy Program which is exclusive one-to-one coaching.

We provide you a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you are not happy for any reason with the quality of our training, AND you are truly doing the work, just ask for your money back.

Refunds are NOT provided if you simply get distracted by a new shiny instant gratification object. You must be doing the work to be considered for a refund.

So please don’t enroll in our program if you believe in the “quick fix” myth or ideology. We only want serious people dedicated to real personal development. 

No, our Breakthrough Clarity Calls are reserved for applicants for Shelby’s Legacy private coaching program. We purposely wanted to create a friction-free enrollment process for our Accelerator Program to help you hit the ground running as fast as possible!

If you do still have questions, please email

You get out what you put in. We advise you attend and participate in your weekly coaching calls for at least 40-60 minutes. Outside of this, you’ll be spending a few minutes each day practicing what you’re learning. Sometimes your coach may advise you watch a digital training between calls which on average are 30-40 minutes.

You’ll be working with practices and not hard core diet rules, therefore you can’t fail them.

There is no pass/fail exam of any kind so there’s no pressure to be perfect, you can’t cheat so you can’t fall off the wagon either.

The only way you fail is if you give up. Otherwise, you’re going to be ok! 

No, this is NOT a diet. We DO talk about nutrition and how to find a flexible, nourishing rhythm and structure with your eating but without all the drama, time, and negativity!

No! In fact, most students end up ditching the scales FOREVER.

Group coaching isn’t for every human being on the planet, which is why we offer private coaching via Shelby’s Legacy program for the highest level of support, accountability, and coaching if that is what you desire and prefer.

I'm Ready To Enroll

I'm Ready To Enroll

What's next?


Click the button to ENROLL and securely complete the payment process and RSVP your coaching spot. 


Complete the online health questionnaire provided to help us gather a little more personal health and diet history.


Our team will send you a welcome email with getting started instructions so you can access the program immediately!

Let's Cut the Noise

And get you on the fast track to success!

(No consultation required)