Tracy Smith

Time and attention has almost become a thing of the past in the personal services industry but this certainly not the case with Shelby McDaniel from TNT Nutrition.

Working with Shelby has literally been game and life changing for me. I started with Shelby 4 competition seasons ago and she has fostered my progression as athlete. In just 4 short seasons she has managed to take me from a last place finisher (first NPC show) to placing 3rd at a National level show. Each year we have shown significant aesthetic progress and the progression is noticeably demonstrated in our competition placement (last place NPC Max Muscle, 2nd Place NPC Gladiator, 1st Place NPC XCALIBUR Cup, and 3rd Place NPC Universe Nationals 2018).

Working with Shelby has been a catalyst to achievements we could not even envision 4 years ago, largely due to issues that I face with LUPUS. Shelby is always on top of my health and takes the initiative to research and apply options (healthy options) that will enable us to defy the odds with this sport and achieve overall health/nutrition goals. Shelby has demonstrated her commitment to my health and progress as an athlete. It is because of Shelby’s practical knowledge and application of the sport (as she is fa retired IFBB Pro) and the science she places behind custom nutrition plans (as she has earned multiple degrees and certifications in nutrition and personal training) that I am able to pursue my FITNESS and Pro Athlete Goals.

Shelby we have come such a long way. It really pays to allow time for change (no instant gratification here) and to trust the process. You are more than coach to me. We are family. I am grateful for you and I appreciate you where you have taken me.