Hi Shelby!

I want to continue to thank you for the information and support you gave me.
When I came to you last October, my doctor gave me a report that my A1C was 11.1. Through your food and meal preparations, my A1C dropped to 8.8 in January.
I went to the doctor this past Wednesday. After the examination, he crossed his leg and asked me how did I reduce my A1C so quickly and so low. I told him about the change in diet, the elimination of carbs and fried foods and daily exercise. He said that he has not seen anyone reduce their A1C like I had done.
My doctor just called me, which was odd and said that he wanted me to know that my A1C is now 7.9!!!
I might not consult with you now, but your information is still long lasting! By my next appointment, it will be lower!