This program has been life changing for me! It is exactly what I needed to have a good relationship with food. I am so glad I decided to do this because I have tried to do many programs on my own because of $ reasons and I thought with the knowledge I have I could for sure do it on my own. Time kept passing by and I feel like things only got worse. I needed support and that’s exactly what TNT did for me among many other things.

Starting out I knew this program was going to work because I felt it was exactly what I needed. It was really scary for me to eat whatever I wanted at the beginning because none of it was healthy, which wasn’t like me unless I wasn’t being restrictive at that time. I started to wonder if it really was going to work but I did know that being restrictive works but its temporary and it takes over your life! I had played that game enough and I was done with it! Shelby told me that you can’t focus on losing weight until you have a good relationship with food. So I decided to just trust her and forget about the weight loss. Once I did that, things really started to improve. I still didn’t lose weight but I didn’t care. I went out and bought clothes that fit me that I actually liked to wear because I wanted to just be happy now and not wait to lose weight. What a waste of time that had been to only wear sweats and clothing that I didn’t like because cute clothes made me feel better and I accepted myself more. Overtime the clothes I had bought were getting loose which was awesome but of course I had just bought them. Oh well, I knew I had lost inches and felt better so that’s worth the $ spent on clothes for a few weeks. I decided to weigh because I thought for sure I had lost weight based on how my clothes fit. Surprisingly, I had not lost any weight. Shelby told me that no one cares what weight your walking around with, losing inches is way better. This was the first time I have not allowed the scale to control how I feel. I didn’t care because I felt good, had energy, and I wasn’t eating off of all the emotions that I did at the beginning. And I lost inches!!

At the end of my 12 week program I had lost weight, not as much as I would of thought but it was even better because I have kept the muscle from all the hard work of working out and I have lost inches and I can now fit my clothes in my closet that I have been dying to wear for a very long time. I walk around heavier on the scale but am just as thin as I used to be. I love that I don’t think about food anymore because that was taking up so much of my time. My energy goes into all the things I’ve been wanting it to go to, like spending more time with my family and focusing on them and not my weight and calorie intake. Healthy food taste amazing to me and unhealthy food isn’t as good as it used to be. I don’t have something unhealthy unless I really want it and I’m eating unhealthy food less and less because it just doesn’t sound good anymore. And if I do want something unhealthy I am okay with it because I feel more balanced than I ever have with food. It feels so good to eat what I want and not put on weight, I can’t believe it’s just a change of your mindset and that naturally happened to me without even trying.

This program is so worth every penny and I would do this program for as long as I needed because it’s worth a good relationship with food! I can’t express how life changing it is. I am such a different person now and not just with food, but in other aspects of my life. I have relationships with people that I never had time for and I realize how important it is now. I was missing out on so much, on truly living!
I am forever grateful to TNT Nutrition, you know what you are doing and you transform lives.