My experience with TNT was wonderful! I am still using the same game plan you started me on a few months ago, it gave me a lot of flexibility and taught me how to plan my day.. To date, I am down from 166 to 152 — a great accomplishment for me. I look great in my size 10’s and 12’s and am happy about that. I even enjoy a glass of wine occasionally and a dessert. However, I am very conscious about portion size, have learned to forego the bread in restaurants (and deserts). For the most part, I stick with the our Myplate plan — and when I do waver a bit, I get right back on track. I have to say that I am eating regular food — no “diet” foods, i.e. non-fat, etc. I eat regular food because i don’t want my brain to think I am on a diet. People have made comments on how good I look and ask if I am on a diet. My answer is ‘No”, I am just careful about what I choose to eat. Heck, once in a blue moon, I even make popcorn — with butter for us to snack on. I am not denying myself any of the food I enjoy — and that includes pasta and rice. They are my carbs for the day — and I plan ahead when I want to enjoy them. So, basically, the plan you put me on as helped me to eat the foods I enjoy without overeating. Thanks.!! I will forge ahead and try to get to that 150 marker on the scale — and when I do, you will hear about it. Thanks for the support.