John H

Shelby McDaniel…WOW!!! What can I say! It has been a pleasure and an honor to work with her. I have been competitively competing in bodybuilding for 3 years now. My first year I worked with someone else and I did really well, however I wanted someone that I could talk to and someone that could devote the time and attention that I needed in order to attain the goals that I had set for myself. So, I switched to working with Shelby for the next two years and I couldn’t have been more pleased. I went from 192lbs my first year to 196lbs the second year and 205lbs my third year. I gained the size and muscle maturity that I was looking for and I look forward to gaining even more. Shelby is not only an awesome trainer and nutritionist but she is a great friend. I am so devoted to her that I promised her that I will stick with her in my amateur status and my pro status when I reach that goal!