Jannike J

Thank you so much for a great program! After close to 8 months in the program one way or other, I feel confident that I can continue my new and improved habits on my own. After having three children in four years, I had added more stubborn pounds than I was willing to admit. I was finally so upset over my continued lack of success with my attempt at losing weight through portion control and regular exercise, and started out with the Healthy Eating Habits program. For me, the program has been a big success – I have lost close to 25lbs all in all, and have remained at my goal weight for a few months now, even through periods of stress and big family events. My weight loss coach Shelby opened my eyes in many ways – I never have been a great indulger of clearly bad food choices such as donuts and shakes and fried foods, but I clearly had portion issues I wasn’t aware of, and I also snacked on the wrong foods at the wrong times. Today, I feel absolutely great and confident I can keep this up – and it is all thanks to Shelby and the TNT nutrition program!