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What is Online Nutrition Coaching?

We are your personal go-to nutritionist, counselor, consultant, mentor and motivator all-in-one. We believe individuals should not rely on information alone to reach their goals. Coaching and accountability are essential and inarguably increase one’s success rate substantially.

Professional Coaching

Experienced, Trained, Professional Coaches TNT Nutrition coaches have extensive education in their field and experience in working with clients. Credentials include degrees, licenses, certifications, and even pro athlete statuses. There are high standards to be able to carry a “TNT Nutrition Coach” title. We are truly passionate about your success and building a long-lasting working relationship with you.

Our Coaching Goes Beyond Meal Plans When necessary coaches also focus on non-dietary aspects of a person’s life in order to improve one’s overall, holistic well-being such as time management, stress management, physical activity, mindset, among many others. We ultimately teach our clients how to become self-sufficient with their eating and healthy lifestyle. We want to be your trusted advisor, the confidant you can always turn to for direction, information, reassurance, and tough love when you need it.

We Do Not Just Give you the Info, We Help You Apply It There are many decisions and processes involved in putting it all together in real life and it can be overwhelming and confusing. Our coaches identify and address which aspects of the application process are creating obstacles and provide solutions. Goal setting takes place on every coaching call which helps you break the application process down into smaller, more achievable steps.

Our Coaching Approach is Flexible and Versatile Forget a one-size-fits-all approach. There is no standard approach, and there is no standard coaching template. You yourself are the agenda and you are the approach. We adapt and work alongside you every step of the way to ensure we meet your overall needs, create a positive learning environment, and ultimately help you reach your goals.

We Take Our Commitment and Responsibilities to You Seriously We are responsible for creating a safe environment to promote change, assist in defining short and long-term goals, provide structure to promote action and learning, provide encouragement and direction, monitor and validate progress on all levels, and hold you accountable. We do not want to be a good coach for you, we want to be a GREAT coach for you.

Accountability & Support

Accountability Makes a Difference Knowing that you have someone in your corner watching over you plays a positive role in your results. Accountability improves effort and outcome, and it ensures communication is constant between coach and client. It is also easy to get distracted in today’s busy world. If you miss a coaching call or we do not hear from you as often we normally do, you can guarantee your coach will be reaching out.

Personalized Support Our coaches  want to be involved and want you to be successful. We will always be following up with you, making sure you are doing well, concerns are being addressed, sending reminders, and ensure you are always putting time, effort, and self-care into yourself. Coaching calls and personal email and text support ensure you never have a question or concern go unanswered.

We Build Human Relationships By working closely together, we build a strong, long-lasting working relationship. These relationships do not end when service contracts do. We continue to stay in touch as you move forward, and always welcome you back with open arms if you are in need of some extra coaching.

Permanent, Not Band-Aid, Solutions

Personalized Game Plan Forget band-aid solutions, we want to create true, permanent changes by creating a personalized game plan to help you reach your goals. Your needs and ways of learning are different and require different sets of tools, education, strategies, and coaching that best help transform YOUR unique, unwanted eating habits such as poor quality food choices, emotional eating, lack of balance and all-out-or-nothing eating behaviors, binge eating, chronic dieting, and more.

No Unnecessary, Restrictive Diets We do not support restrictive eating as an approach to effective weight management. Restrictive eating and quick weight loss can result in physical and psychological effects that interfere with the body’s weight regulatory system. No matter who we work with, having a healthy relationship with food is so important and we take pride in designing structure for daily eating that helps improve one’s eating rhythm and quality of eating but does NOT serve as another diet or set of non-sensical rules that leaves you miserable and fighting healthy eating every step of the way. You CAN have structure but without all the hassle and overwhelm. Food and healthy eating needs to be simple and enjoyable to continue to be implemented successfully.

Helpful Tools & Resources We offer tools and resources for you to use to help you achieve your goals. These include but are not limited to simple weekly meal preparation tools, educational videos, recipes, handouts, personalized goal setting, mini-homework assignments, various tools, and more!



Work with Your Coach from Anywhere, Anytime Our coaches speak with you on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis by phone. Set up your coaching call during your lunch hour, while the kids are napping, or after you settle down for the evening. Have a question or concern? Take advantage of personal email and text correspondence between calls. The days of setting up an appointment in person, taking the time to drive there, wait in the waiting room, and never having communication between appointments are over.


Access Tools and Resources When you Need Them Meal planning tools, handouts, and other helpful resources are accessible anywhere you have Internet connection! The most important resource, your coach, is available to you between coaching calls.

Bonuses! Learn at your own pace, no long distance phone charges, removal of geographical limitations to find the right coach, no visual distractions or intimidation, and more anonymity are all bonuses that add to the convenience factor of TNT Nutrition online coaching.

Happy Clients


Shelby McDaniel Image

TNT Nutrition is an endurance athlete’s partner in performance; training doesn’t work without proper nutrition. I have noticed a difference in my body’s performance during training, race, & recovery. Thank you!


Shelby McDaniel Image

I think the pictures actually do a good job of also depicting how I feel. Before, tired and sluggish. Now, energized and excited to take on life’s challenges. I am so happy with the results of your program. Thank you for all of your support, the program really works. I am only 3 lbs away from my marriage weight. I never dreamed I would EVER get back to that.


Shelby McDaniel Image

This program has been life changing for me! It is exactly what I needed to have a good relationship with food. I love that I don’t have anxiety about food anymore, plus, I’ve lost inches! I am such a different person now and not just with food, but in other aspects of my life…I am forever grateful, you know what you are doing and you transform lives.

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