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Struggling with food after competing? Been there too. You’re not alone and there IS a way out.

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IFBB PRo Shelby mcdaniel

If you found this page, you’re in need of an online competition prep coach! 

Hi, I’m Shelby McDaniel, retired IFBB Figure Pro.

I have been helping athletes to the stage for 16 years, hence why you found me on Google 🙂 

That being said, I have closed this chapter in my life and career and have transitioned my passion to helping competitors heal the wounds competing can create when it comes to their body image and relationship with food.

If you currently are struggling internally with chronic dieting, obsessing about the scale, not feeling calm around food anymore, I am here to help you. 

This is a silent, painful epidemic in the competition community, yet there is minimal, if any, help available to athletes. I personally battled with my body and relationship with food before, during, and even harder after competing, which is why this is such a personal and passionate area of coaching for me.

Here is a great article I recommend you read, Eating After Fitness Competitions: How to Heal Your Relationship With Food. 

Please bookmark this page, because whenever you are ready to tackle this area of your life (and you’ll know when that time is), let’s talk.

Shelby Mc Daniel